Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Be a Bronze Goddess at the Beach; And all Summer

If I questioned summer's presence, I was sure enough reminded today in the most uncomfortable fashion. A 7 am flight to Miami was delayed due to weather systems somewhere up north. By the time I got to NJ, the skies opened up and the rain started coming down with a vengeance; as if it hadn't been allowed to saturate the land for ages. The humidity was so in intense, it crept through the crevices of the plane. I landed in Miami a bit ago to even more humidity. So hello to you too, summer. And since it's here for a little while, and if we're going to be defeated by this kind of weather,  I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing this very moment than being at the beach. And it just so happens I'm on my way to the Florida Keys for the week. But I had to make this stop first. 

I considered the weather, my itinerary and immediately decided it only made sense to go super light on the makeup. If I could avoid it altogether, I would. But since I'm a slave to beauty products and makeup galore, I have no choice than to pick out some lush options to keep me en trend but also as clean as possible. 

Clearly, the bronze effect is here to stay. It's probably one of the most evergreen looks any woman can enjoy during the summer -- and if applied right, during winter, too. After remembering Estée Lauder's wildly successful Bronze Goddess collection from last year which I featured in this post, and truthfully falling in love with the tortouis  shelled powder, I went searching for what what new this year in the way of bronze and corals (a complementary color) to keep it fresh. 

I wasn't surprised El came out with a follow up collection for this season. And it's screaming, too! The eye palette is 10x better than the powder, tho not as practical. It's super sexy with three shades on the right of the bar are highly pigmented with a luscious metallic finish to create some serious drama. While the 5 nude shades on the left are perfect for every day. I used it as a base to build my color.  For a full beach day that may invite afternoon trysts at a spa resort for lunch, stick to the nude shades, rub a bit of the collection's cheek color -- which is not bronzy at all, rather quite rosy -- a light layer of the bronze powder and some lip gloss. The electric coral sheer tinted lip balm by Lancome is perfect for applying over top any color stick or matted gloss.  It's creamy without being sticky so it's quite awesome on it's own. I had to get two it was so nice. 

5 minutes and you're so good to go. 

And that's the very look I had today while traveling. It lasted a solid 11 hours.  

For a more concentrated bronze look, apply a thin but even layer of  the Bobbi Brown CC SPF 35. These BB and CC creams are so key enjoying an even toned look while protecting your skin from the all the sun. This particular one ranked top 5 of all the ones I've tried in the last year. It's tinted so it does the job of adding more to the bronzed look. I tried it on my hand and it feels super creamy, light and it evened out super well. It was too dark for my face so I opted out. 

And of course, in order to maintain that glow all summer, even when you're bare and a no makeup, a healthy face starts with lots of water, staying hydrated and great balancing toners and moisturizers. Intense reaping serums like Clinique's Smart Repair serum is my new every other morning routine after washing. It's great for those nights you don't get restful sleep but need your face to recover from the elements, this is a good base layer to get started.  

Everything else is just icing on the cake. 

Go light this summer. It's too hot to be wearing a whole lot of anything. I tan super fast so the bronze look for me looks incredibly natural but adds that glow I can't always get unless I'm in the sun and sweating. And that's just not cute! 

I have another summer bronzy collection to review and share. In the meantime, what's you're go-to stash for a natural, tanned, glow-y look? 

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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Brasil Got A Beating, But They're Still Beautiful

So they say your soul and character is what matters. Not your looks. I agree 100%. And while ultimately, our character defines how we treat each other, manage situations, love one another, the first thing see in a complete stranger is their look. Are they attractive? To your liking? Pretty eyes? Great legs? Soft (looking) lips? Nicely coiffed hair? Whatever it is you're attracted to, aesthetics is the first thing we take note of.

Ensuing conversations will really tell you how those looks live up to the hype. But, until those convos do happen, we just go for the fine or pretty. And while Brazil got the beat downs of all beat downs earlier today (I don't think I've ever enjoyed a sports event so mud like I did today; well, maybe last week watching Tim Howard do this thing), or as someone on Twitter wrote -- THAT IS IT. THAT IS ALL OF IT. THE BRAZILIAN WAX OF ALL BRAZILIAN WAXES. TOTAL ANNIHILATION. #BRAvsGER -- they remain to be one of most beautiful people on this Earth.

Goodness me. I've never ben to Brazil, but a dear, dear friend is from Sao Paolo and I all I hear about are the fine species her country produces. Her husband couldn't agree more, always pointing to Carnival season when it appears the model calls of all model calls is hosted and the best come out. Or perhaps what we see in news roundup is in fact the Face of the Nation.

They're all gorgeous. The bodies. The hair. The skin. The smiles. The spirit!

Between their African, Spanish, and European ancestry, there's no doubt you will come across lusciously toned people, with all kinds of hair texture combinations, height differences and ethnic looks. And because the coastal folk live on such a huge body of water (not to mention mostly below the equator and just hot most of the time), staying tanned and glistened is just what they do, adding to their already natural beauty.

Super model Giselle is not the only face of Brazil, but she sure is a pretty brasileña.

I thought I'd pick my friend's brain and get some insider beauty tips she's used her whole life and knows are bona fide in her home country. She lives in Atlanta now, hailing from Miami, so bodies of water and painful heat are not new ideas. She loves and embraces it!

Carnival Samba Dancer with Glistening Skin

SPF Is Key 

Even tho most Brazilians are black and darker than the average number, SPF is still key in maintaing their skin healthy. I love my SPFs, namely the Artistry Beauty one I travel with (50!), but I came across L'Occitane's Jenipapo Face Veil with and SPF 30... and what a name... a veil. Yes! To protect your dainty face. I've been wearing it for two weeks and love the silky smooth texture but slightly matted look. It's not greasy or heavy and allows makeup to apply nicely. The sweet smell is great, but a bit too strong for sunscreen. It's a botanical note, precisely from the jenipapo tree grown in the central region of the country. And of course, I'm talking about this particular one because it's part of their Bresil collection in honor of the World Cup and the Olympics in 2016! The French house was super ready to celebrate international fetes with luscious products that incorporate indigenous elements. 

Loving it, but going light.

Shimmering Oils (body, hair, and face)

Are also a must-have in every girl's botiquin for keeping the arms, legs, face and hair glistening, especially during the winter months when the tanning lotions are stowed away (or not). I have an upcoming post on the best oils and lotions to keep stocked up this summer. For now, just know it's what they have to have. I mean, yes, please, I'd love my legs and midriff and shoulders to look this bronzy and shimmery all the time.

It does a body good. And their (our) hair, too!

Avocado or Acai Smoothies

Avocado is a fruit. Really, it is. Brazilians eat it just like we eat an orange or mango. Sprinkle a bit of salt and bite into it. But in smoothies, it's great since it's super high in fat -- the good kind --- and helps with keeping skin and hair looking supple and lustrous, respectively.

Here's this really good looking one made with avocado, blueberries (ultra rich in anti-oxidants) and oatmeal from my food blogging friend over at Sweet Life Bakes.

Acai smoothies for them area like drinking bottles of vinegar (a seperate post on that coming soon, too!). It's their anti-aging secret and helps with weight loss. Un batido de acaci is as simple as blended acai juice, honey, granola, yogurt and another fruit like banana or even aguacate!

So sorry for my Latino brothers who lost today. No, it was more of a serious smack down, brutal beating... but I saw them walk off the field with their heads high... of integrity. Because they still are top 3 best fútbol teams in the world.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Hottest Men of the World Cup (FIFA)

I'm so late to the Word Cup fever. Super late. I covered some of the wildly chic Nike gear the men would (are) be wearing and the general public could enjoy in this post. But I just didn't hop on the bandwagon until about 4 hours ago, when Argentina and Switzerland started playing.

I missed Pitbull and J. Lo perform the "anthem" for the games in Brasil. I missed Ghana playing. I missed the US winning. I did see all of 30 minutes of one of Mexico's games a few days ago. That half hour apart, I've missed it all. I've only heard the hype from my brothers, who are die hard World Cup fans, and some CNN coverage.

But I've not missed some flash viewings of these young (super young) men running back and forth artistically kicking a ball in defense of a goal.

So after watching the entire Argentinian win and hyping myself up for the currently playing 4pm USA v. Belgium game, I decided to hand-pick the best looking guys the world seems to be drooling over.

TIM HOWARD, United States.

He's light-skinned (yes, so am I--see below) but he's bald (top 3 of my favorite features on a man!) and has some serious leg power (major yum, yum factor!).

(this is an update b/c watching him play had me re-thinking "how did I miss him initially?!")


I don't like tatted up men, but this guy, even his bad boy effect, has something super appealing. Let me know if you can pinpoint what it is!


This French guy is just really nice eye candy.

NEYMAR, Brasil. 

And this guy's tears make him way more relatable. This picture does his great justice.


Funny face here, but there's a gentleness about it I love. And his hair. Well, you already know.


Chocolate. Yummy! That's all! 


This goalkeeper from Mexico is responsible for making me watch 30 minutes the other day. It's his hair. And some leg shots I saw. 

JERMAINE JONES, United States.

Not into light-skinned black men, but Jones is really, really cute. And I'm fixed to my screen right now watching the game in pursuit of his arms.


Another bad boy image portrayed, this guy plays some serious fútbol. Love his field presence as he defends his team.

LIONEL MESSI, Argentina.

He played his heart out today. He made watching the match against Switzerland so much more interesting. 


And hailing from my best friend's country of Ghana, his smile and eye combo have me just staring. 

Who's your fave soccer player? 

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Friday, June 27, 2014

13 Things To Do (I'm going to) This Summer

I live under pressure. Constantly. Between traveling, cooking for private clients and consulting as a chef, which is my professional career and blogging about living a the best life possible through traveling, fashion, art, entertaining and food, of course, I have realized I seldom have time for myself. More like make time for myself and the things I absolutely love to do.

These are the top 13 things I'm committed to doing this glorious summer at any expense necessary. I'm sure I'll document any or all of these as they happen...

Go back to Europe for an extended stay. Because traveling is what I was born to do and a few cities are calling my name. Plans are in full throttle.

Restart trapeze. I was going 2x/wk last year and fell off after my vacation to Australia. I miss it.  And really need to engage my body on that level again. Best therapy ever. Not to mention it's sexy and physically strengthening.

Buy a road bike.  My absolute favorite sport ever. I feel incredibly strong and mentally empowered when I hit the road. Been riding my SIL's and been shopping for my own. 15 miles a day is my goal.

Go tent camping. We used to go every.single.weekend. growing up. And I've missed all the trips my family's taken in the last 7 years because I was in Atlanta. I love the outdoors like you wouldn't believe and campaign is way underrated.

Start planning the fall vegetable garden. Our summer garden has been incredibly fun to grow and  enjoying the yield has been deliciously on time. Fall harvest should be even more interesting. I'm thinking lots of butternut squash and lavender.

An IG capture from our yard this week!
Read 5 books on 5 different topics.  I'm leaning toward some Spanish and Latin-American poetry, Langston Hughes, American art deco history, spiritual growth and empowerment, and As Always, Julia, a food lifestyle book about Julia Child.

Horseback Riding. I'm fascinated by horses and took my first private lesson a few months ago. I want to learn how to ride and eventually buy one. I have a horse owner friend with an 18 acre farm who's offered to teach me everything I need to know!

Kayak at least once a week. I used to kayak and canoe a lot in my early 20s and I loved it. Such peace being in the water in a tightly designed boat. I finally bought my own a few weeks ago but have yet to take it out. But I have gone out in my friend's kayak, and that counts.

Spend one hour daily on the hammock. I used to lay out for an hour last summer and replenished my energy after intense work mornings. I need to get back to that. I always feel better after swing with nothing on my mind. Plus I'll get tanned.

Host a cooking class for my girlfriends' kids. I initiated one in winter but conflicting schedules kept me from executing. I really want to teach these little souls some cooking basics.

Learn how to make origami. Because it's just too cool.

Write 15 blogs posts on the all the travel I've done in the last 2 years. Because I'm so behind schedule and just need to focus on editing images. The writing part is easy.

Appear on The Today Show. Cooking, of course.

*The picture above was in Cancun this past May during their Food & Wine festival, which I attended. 


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chronicles of Unhealthy Hair: A New Do

This is the look of defeat. The look of whatevs and life's a b****.  It was 7 am.  I was tired. Stressed. On only 2 hours of sleep. And on a plane.

I really contemplated not writing this post. The idea of bringing more attention to the issues I've been having with my hair had me in a frenzy and roller coaster of confusing feelings: should I or should I not talk about it... again. If I talked about it, should I go all out and tell you why I had to cut my hair, surfacing emotional truths I'm dealing with, or should I just keep it simple and share the process? Either way I decided to approach it, I thought it was going to be too emotional, too blatant, and too hurtful.

So why talk about it? Just post pictures and let people react. And that's kind of what I ended up doing, in part.

I did not want to cut my hair.

I had to.

And that sucks.

But I'm a grown up. An adult old enough to have a 17 year old, so I pulled it together and sobbed it out with some girlfriends last week after I went through a 3rd round of chopping.

Stress will kill you. In this case, it killed my hair. In this post I talked about how it all started. And in this post, I talked about how excited I was to see growth, strength, and my curls blooming again!  I had made a bold decision, though hard, to go all the way natural, barring the bit of blonde left from my last full color process in Oct. 2011. The remnants of the color were enough to keep me happy with the look. I was very adamant about going back to dark black -- my natural color  -- or short for that matter.

But it was looking so good, well on its way to my hair circa 2005. It was almost 100% recovered.

And then sometime two months ago, all the progress I was enjoying started reversing. My hair started falling out in major, mammoth size balls. I wasn't doing anything differently from the all organic, natural treatment, so I was stumped and getting frustrated. I would shower, wash my hair, and just watch the ball accumulate as I combed it out with my fingers. Every time.

And then I broke one day. I couldn't take the lopsided look anymore.  My right side simply refused to grow in tandem with my left and it was still weak and thin. It still wasn't voluminous. It was hideous. Just plain not cute, not chic, and unattractive.

This picture did it.

Dear friends celebrating my friend's aunt and former Pastor's wife; I'm 2nd in from left on 2nd row)

Granted, I had just washed it that morning and it hadn't fully dried, which takes a good 6 hours before  it gets the volume it really needs to look good. Remember the cover of the Mother/Spring issue of B! Inspired? That was rockin'. It was lopsided then, but not as bad. That was in late April. This was three weeks ago.

So when I saw that picture above, I lost it. Do you see that hotmessnes?? How come no one's pulled me over and said 'B! Come on girl... do something with that...It's just not a good look.' I mean, really.

I had a few TV appearances coming up that week and I wasn't going to put myself through the angst of what I experienced last Oct. when I taped 5 segments in 45 minutes and struggled with doing something decent to my hair. I had just cut it in July, while traveling, so it was pretty short in a long, even bob, but super healthy. I still didn't know what to do with it for those 5 segments, so in three, it looked good and the other two were so blah and a hot mess, really. I literally cringe when I review those clips.

So two weeks ago today, before flying to Tampa, I walked into Hair Cuttery of all places, without a plan, on a total whim, in pouring rain and asked Victoria to just cut it off.

I quickly Googled "assymetrical short hair cuts on black women" and came up with a few images I liked. Some were over the top and others were closer to what I'd do. The only issue, and a big one, is that every single one them rocked it straight. I was not getting ready to go down the road of blowing out and flat ironing my hair.

After two years of diligently working on being all natural, not straightening once in 2.5 years, I just wasn't going to go back to that. Beyond the heat damage I'd been avoiding, I just don't have time to deal with my hair. I like to wash and and go.

But if I went super short, then my curls would be on top of my head and I'd instantly be rocking a 'fro. Did not want that either.

So I cut it short enough to get rid of all the dead hair, going way shorter on the right side, giving me a whole new look, but long enough where I wouldn't look too crazy when curly.

I got on the plane, took a selfie (you know how much I loathe them!) and shared with a friend. She loved it and approved.

But in the midst of getting ready for the segments, I'd stop every few hours and stare... and send my sis and a good girlfriend these selfies. I needed some kind of 'it's okay' affirmation.

I started liking this new length...

Until I went on air with a new look.

I Instagrammed the pic above of the host of the segment and me right after we taped and that's how I showed my friends and family that I had cut my hair.

Great response! Everyone loved it, but me. And truthfully, while it may have looked good on camera from the front, I wasn't 100% convinced. The sides looked messy. I missed my length. I missed my highlights and I certainly missed my curls. I had worked so incredibly hard to get my 2005-2012 hair back. And I hated that I had to cut it.  The still images from the set highlighted the unevenness and lackluster layers it was supposed to have.

And so I took another selfie! It looked like this below after taping, on my way out of the studios, with a look of, 'oh my gosh! I wonder how that looked on air?!' And 'is this really my new look?!'

Six hours after I got back to DC and analyzed it more, I decided I needed another 1" cut. Only to create more drama and more definition. I mean, if I was going to go short, I might as well do it right. That was the 2nd cut in 4 days.

No picture of that 2nd round.

And then by last Wednesday, I threw my hands up and went as short as I initially had in mind but was too afraid to do. But I did it. Another 1" off. A totally new look and the shortest curly hair ever, which I'm not ready to show yet.

Finalmente, this is it. 

My dear friends Paul and Michelle and me after church on Sabbath. 

Paul & Michelle; Moi wearing Maz Azria pleated skirt, L.A.M.B shoes, Eileen Fisher metallic top; vintage jewelry; YSL cat's eye sunnies
A side view, taken unbeknownst to me.

Dad and me on Father's Day.

My dad and me on Father's Day.  Wearing a kaftan from Mexico; Elliott Lucca crossover bag; DVF sunnies

I've not worn my hair this short or this dark (though temporarily and accidentally went espresso brown in 2008 for about 3 weeks) in almost 20 years. It was a hard and emotional decision for me. But I think I'll be okay with it. For now.

After all, it's just hair. And the most important thing is that it get healthy again.

Take care of your self, friends! Your health is your wealth as my father has consistently taught me.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Yay or Nay? What's your favorite short do? 

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{Beauty Bloom} 8 Great Summer Mascaras

We all wear mascara. If you don't, something is totally wrong. It is the ONE essential makeup product no girl should leave the house without. Gloss is debatable, but you have chap stick, so it doesn't count. But mascara?! Oh, it does the trick of instantly highlighting our dull look, especially in the morning, and draw attention to our questionably most attractive facial feature.

Scientific research has shown that men are drawn first to women's eyes. They say so much about our genuine personality and give certain people a deep look into our souls. Seriously. I've always been fascinated by our eyes, the way we use them, the way they interlock with the opposite sex, and the emotion they tell. Mascara is a great tool to bring all those things to the fore, not to mention beautify them even more!

Clearly, I'm fan. A big, big fan, and hence always on the hunt for the best lash enhancers.

I don't wear falsies unless I'm on TV, and fortunately I have pretty long natural lashes w/out anything on them, so when I do wear any, it looks like I could possibly have some faux ones on. My sister calls them tarantulas. She just don't know the good biz. I'm trying to convert her. Just to plain mascara. Not falsies.

During my beauty segment last week on ABC, I had some of these mascaras laid out to share with the viewers, but if you know how TV works, it moves too fast and I wasn't able to get to everything I think you should know about! So here we are.

For summer, I've been testing out a bucket full of lash defining sticks that work for different looks and occasions. Some worked super well, others were mediocre, and others were so good, I had to fight to get it off after 3 washes --- does that make it good, after all??

Here are my findings with a straight to the point review of each. I have eight for you. From left to right, except the 4th. That was accidentally thrown into the mix!


A really pretty and delicate look with only one application. It's not too thick or too full, making it perfect for early evening, not so fancy events. It's pretty black and super smooth. And from two applications, I didn't notice any clumping. For $27.50 it's good mascara you could use every day.


I was really excited about trying this one out. Anything with mechanics in it, promising to give me the best lashes ever, makes me ultra giddy. But, wah, wah. Did not live up to the hype at all of oscillation 7k times to mimic the movement of MUAs. The oscillation button does nothing other than make your wand vibrate a bit. I didn't see a single bit of difference turning it or not. I did love though how the brush separated my eyelashes in a noticeble way. For that reason alone, it'd use it. Just don't buy in to the oscillation bit. They have a power version which I've yet to try so maybe that ones does do something. If I try it, I'll let you know!


This dramatic volume effect mascara is simply great. It does everything it purports to: doesn't clump, which is so key. I never curl my lashes and it did gave me a bit of that effect which is nice and a different look for me. What would have been perfect is the curl AND some volume, and fullness. I'm good with curl and fullness.


I've quickly become a Smashbox snob, gravitating to all things for eyes from them. Their navy blue always sharp liner is my new favorite thing for day wear. But this mascara's brush shape gives you some serious length. My natural lashes don't require much so this one gave me great drama, and again, no clump. One application was good, but two knocked it out the box. It'd only use it for serious drama for evening events. It's too much for daywear.


I think I've talked about this one before. By now, you should know I love AB's eyeliner like I love my dog Paris -- it's super loyal, always there when I need it, and sticks around. Seriously. But the mascara can up it's game a bit. I like the separation of lashes it creates, but I have to apply it several times -- like 3 -- to get a decent looking amount of volume. If you're looking for light lashes, then this is it. But if you like drama, go for something else. I did like the roll effect it has, though. It's an interesting technology I've not quite figured out, but when you wash it off, it rolls right off onto your fingers, eliminating smearing. Now that I can get used to all day! That alone makes it a winner. No one likes to go back and wipe mascara off several times after you've washed your face. Their site says it creates 600% more volume, which I don't see, but I'm willing to give it a go again!


You need this in your life for when you can't decide what look you want. The extreme lengthening side gave me some seriously separated lashes and decent length, while the everything side created a nice clean separation with a better amount of length. I'd definitely double and layer using both sides. That's the only way to get volume with this stick.


This worked well for me  because I'm biased toward anything kohl. It's the new thing. It's richly pigmented,  so use sparingly. It's also small enough to carry in your small makeup pouch so it's good for everyday carrying around and evening application after your morning stroke has worn off. Ididn't find it to do anything super spectacular but it coated my lashes really well. Like really well. Two apps and you're good. 


Well I just simply fell in love with this this super thick, rounded brush mascara. It's so creamy and comes off rather easy -- not too messy. Singularly it was good. But when I played around with it and layered it over the Lancome Oscillation on one eye, I knew it was great. It layered so nicely even tho the first layer had already dried. You know sometimes layering a few minutes apart is impossible. But it worked! So I tried it wit the EM mascara and I loved the look it gave me. Good length, though not the best; great volume and depth, and no clumping. The picture below of my left eye only has two applications on my top lid with two different mascaras -- EM and LM. 

These are the fun, go-to summer mascaras I've loving on. If you read B So Chic! regularly, you know my absolute favorite for every day is L'Oreal's Voluminous. I've been using that one for over 10 years and it just works really well for me. Aside from that one being mainstay wherever I go, I've featured Estée Lauder's sumptuous extreme waterproof multiplying mascara, which is borderline too good! See my IG picture from last week when I was having a bit of an issue with it!

And Clinique has some good stuff, too. I've not played too much with them so when I do, I'll make sure to fill you in!

What's your go-to mascara? Is there one I have to know about?! I'm always open to trying out some lash-lenghtening, volumizing, dramatizing product!

Was this review helpful? Let me know in your comments. Or Tweet it out and share with your girls! 

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